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Day 1-Boise, Idaho to Grangeville, Idaho.

This gallery begins 9 days of travel my husband and I took recently, to celebrate our 20th. wedding anniversary. We decided to explore some more of the beautiful state Idaho. Our focus was mainly North Central Idaho, but our trip extended into Montana before it was finished.

We don't have an RV at present, so we packed up our Isuzu Trooper and stayed in hotels at night. We took a box of food: cereal, single serve milk, (that didn't need refrigeration) bread, peanut butter and honey, snacks, juice, fruit and nuts. Oh, and don't forget the most important...White Cloud Coffee and creamer. We ate out one meal a day and that meal differed depending on when we were near civilization.

We got started a little later than we'd hoped, (I was sick with 102 fever the day before we left and was still quite fatigued) but we had a pretty loose schedule. Paul and I are pretty casual travelers. We had a basic idea of where we wanted to go and on what day, but if a better option or more enticing opportunity presented itself we went with it. I had done some online research, to make sure we knew what was around the different areas we traveled. We also consulted our Idaho Birding Book, Idaho Off the Beaten Path and Back Country Roads Idaho, written by a photographer.

These are snapshots taken from the car as we were driving (which I like to refer to as drive-by-shooting)and also shots taken as we stopped along the way. My commentary is a bonus, free of charge. LOL

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