"That path no bird knows, nor has the falcon's eye seen it." Job 28:7

American Kestrel-(Falco sparverius)

My latest experience in birding took place at the Peregrine Fund, World Center for Birds of Prey, which is located in Boise, Idaho.

This is Bob, a male American Kestrel. (see a female for comparison HERE)The falconers brought it out so we could see it fly freely. They used a lure with real bait stuffed inside and the bird had to catch it to get its reward, as in the wild. I didn't get any of it in flight, as it all happens so fast. There's not much of a chance, because when the bird catches the lure, it's game over. The speed and agility of this little falcon is amazing, as is its coloring. We were also treated to the flight of a Gyrfalcon and a Peregrine Falcon which I will put in separate galleries.

It was such a wonderful experience being able to see this. The flight displays are going on through the end of October if you're in the area. Call for times.

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