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Gallery Blog: Herein are images taken as we hunted for fall foliage. We began very early, before sunrise. Well, it was very foggy and overcast at sunrise, so there was no sunrise to see. Eventually, it cleared up and then the clouds came and went throughout the day. I still need to add images from Emmett.

Other info: Most of the photos in this gallery are suitable for viewing, but not necessarily for printing. In an effort to get them online for viewing as quickly as possible, they are small files, and may be ones that I haven't yet fully processed or checked for digital dust, etc...

Please go to my "Portfolio Galleries" to view images that are ready and available for online ordering at this time.

If you are interested in purchasing a photo from one of the "View Only Galleries", please contact me with the name of the gallery and the name of the photo or the number on the "slide" (at the top of the photo) and I will look over the appropriate file and do my best to make it possible for you.

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